League City 

Everything you want NEARBY.

Part of the Houston metropolitan area, League City is perfectly suited for those seeking an active job market, a sunny climate, friendly home prices and a great place to raise a family. Named one of Texas’ best places for job seekers, the city enjoys both a close proximity to major employment opportunities and also boasts a strong college presence.

 Living in a climate where winters are mild and summers are warm and breezy means every day can be spent outdoors. Whether you spend your free time seeing the sights or participating in a water sport, League City brims with many family-friendly (and often free) things to do. This highly desirable area of Texas is a destination for many vacationers seeking waterside resorts, sun and sand. Being a resident means you can enjoy it every day of the year!

 League City boasts an excellent school system where most students attend Clear Creek ISD. In addition, League City is home to Galveston County’s biggest and busiest library as well as several notable museums. Space Center Houston, the Kemah Boardwalk and Moody Gardens also are nearby, adding to the adventure of living in League City. It's no surprise that “adventure” is closely linked with the town, as this area of the state was originally part of the private kingdom of Jean Lafitte and played an important role in the early history of Texas.

 With an abundance of outdoor area attractions, great schools and a thriving job market, League City is an ideal town for outdoor enthusiasts, career builders and families alike. 

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